Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Jesus, it's only the biggest God-damn hole in the world

Did you know El Pollo Loco doesnt serve beef? Either does Chik-fila or what ever it is called. I love beef. I wish it didnt have such a bad rap. The bf can realy Q up some meat, tri tip, burgers, the best I tell ya. He's a grillin' SOB.

Nobody beats his meat.

I just returned from the Grand Canyon. It is grand, even in the tourist spots. I went with the bro and the wife and their boys. I have girls. Boys are so different. I guess you get used to what you have and deal with it. I wouldnt know what to do with boys. They are obsessed with every sound and smell their butts make, every thing that comes out of their noses, ass, and ears. Very sense oriented. And loud. Boys are loud and physical. Mix in a bunch of smelly bodily sounds and nose pickings and "ewwee grooooooossses" well, it is totally foreign to me.

My 9 year old nephew now has video of him peeing off the side of the canyon. Girls cant do that. And girls usually dont roll into fits of laughter at the nasty grossness that they remove from their nostrils. Nor do they chase each other around jamming the infested finger at the other yelling "Dude, this booger is huge, look!" And girls dont talk about their balls or dingle berries. Boys, in the over all scheme, might be easier emotionally, but I like my girls. I love my nephews, but for me I'd rather deal with clothes issues and drama, then the smells and debris that boys so proudly display.

I dont know how many times I heard "Me Chinese, me play joke, me put pee pee in your coke" . The weekend, might be over, but it will live on. I had a great time with them and lots of giggles and new memories that we wont soon forget.


Wow, that was awkward said...

We are indeed obsessed with bodily fluids and odors. It is part of our charm.

You beat his meat.

Nice Peace of Buddhy said...

Be not confused with humor and charm, it is not charming to hear you rip one, but it is charming to hear you laugh about it.

I devour his meat.

Mary said...

As the mother of 3 boys and one sweet little girl... I agree!
One of the daycare teachers had to tell me that my youngest son ripped one so bad she had to febreeze the room. She was horrified. She must be new cuz she gave me the disapproving look when I laughed and said... yeah everyone farts, even you.

Meat eater!

Nice Peace of Buddhy said...

Let's agree though, my little sweet girl has THE STINKIEST feet ever.... and she laughs uncontrollably at all butt sounds.

You have to love that she febreezed the place!

Mary said...

I loved that she was horrified by the stink. I was feeling quite smug!

I agree on the stinky feet thing, we just pretend we smell like roses all the time!

Anonymous said...

what about us when we were kids? we were as bad as eric's boys and as bad as the worst of your girls. i KNOW you have not forgotten!!!!!! and Tasha. come on! girls are just like the boys, but PLUS the drama and clothes. much harder. but in the end, better, because they stay close in ways boys just dont. XOXOX SDSG