Sunday, November 2, 2008

A New Earth

The weekend is almost over and I am sitting in lazy day wear, (yoga clothes) quite relaxed, kids chilling, and BF chilling. (He's always has a chill-a-tude)

I woke up and made coffee, fired up the laptop and checked gmail, yahoo, hotmail,, roadrunner, myspace, facebook, classmates.... I am mostly kidding. but mostly not.

My sister-in-law read a book a while back and had a big AH HA moment. She read one of those books that confirms all the questions you had about life but didnt know who to ask or where to get the info. She had her world rocked 2 years ago, when her dear moms body finally couldnt take the booze any more and shut down. Needless to say, those defining moments change your life forever. She was fortunate enough to go with the natural flow and deal with it and actually grow and heal from it. I love my sister-in-law. I met her on my 22nd birthday. She's married to my bro who just went through detox for opiates. They have been together almost 20 years.

We were talking about my bro when he checked in to rehab and started to have the life conversation. I hadn't realized her level of awareness, being, consciousness. (I think my family has pretty much considered me crazy for the last 10 years and dont really hear anything I say). She then told me about how she had read A New Earth by Eckart Tolle. I knew I had that book somewhere, but remember I started reading it and it wasnt speaking to me. So put it aside and figured something would bring me back to it. I always pickup books from authors that I respect and I had read the Power of Now back in 2001. She confirmed that she found it a little slow the first chapter but after that, she just felt its power and really got the message.

I dusted it off and took out the bookmark from the first chapter and dug on in. I am glad that I did. I had already felt a shift in myself after the traumatic year and lack of going with the flow. So when I had the conversation with her and she told me about her experience, it reminded me that there are no coincidences and it was time to grow and remember that all the answers I need are within me and this was an opportunity to bring that knowledge forth.

I highly recommend if you enjoy books that give you something to think about.


Wow, that was awkward said...

It's not just your family. I wasn't listening either, crazy woman. ;)

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Kimmie said...

I have a hard time reading - as soon as something sparks my imagination I off into the wild blue yonder of thought.

You are one very strong woman and I seriously admire you!