Thursday, June 7, 2012

Step kid, dads and families

I just got reamed with a doozy. My BF resents my kids. 7 years. I am really sad about this because i thought we were getting somewhere. I was wrong. Or at least I didnt want to see it or hear it. My girls are on summer break. Out of school 2 weeks. They are sleeping in, like he did as a teen. They get up and eat, like he did as a teen, they make plans with their friends, like he did as a teen. They do chores when asked, like he did as a teen. They ask for rides and money. like he.... they stay up late, like he... They dont go out of their way but they dont argue with us either. they are not perfect but they dont have to be. they are doing what teens do. They dont fight with each other. They don't lie. they dont use alcohol. They are just living life. And now I know they are making him unhappy. He is always unhappy when they are home and my heart is broken. because I owe my kids a happy home. they deserve it and so do I. FUUUUUUUUck new plan.


Anonymous said...

I dont resent them I want to make them into smart, responsible, strong, independent, self reliant beautiful young ladies. Which they are. I encourage you to give them more responsibilities so when they leave the house they know what it takes to survive. I only want to teach them. You take it like Im saying you are a bad mom. You're not. Im not mad at them and have said nothing mean to them and I ask them to do very little because I dont want to be the asshole step dad. Being a step dad is hard but I can do it because I want to.

Maureens kids step dad.

Memphis Steve said...

Well I, for one, always wanted kids and I like kids just fine. Just sayin' .... ;-)

Anonymous said...

Oh oh...Virginia to Vermont...they 're all doing SESSECTST.
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The Six-Fingered Monkey said...

I keep coming back to this post and I keeping feeling more and more uncomfortable.

I hope you and step-dad worked things out by fucking like animals and such.

Okay, that sounds weird out of context, but you know what I mean...

Oh and WTF is this comment above me???

NicePeace said...

I think the comment above is from AlQueda. Maybe not. But they are high for sure.

Truth is, I am the mama bear of those girls. I wont get everything right, but I know I am doing much of the parenting by myself. I happen to actually like my teenagers. Yes, a want to sell them at times but overall they rock and adore the stepdad.

That guy isnt supposed to be commenting on here. This is my get it off my chest space. meanwhile, we did do some weird out of context things you spoke of. I am no longer going to post this stuff now that he is looking here. (JK)

The real question is, Wow said my comment today was lame. How could he say that?

The Six-Fingered Monkey said...

Wow wishes he could be as cool as you... If AlQueda is posting on your blog, I think you have bigger things to worry about than "that guy" commenting.