Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Gift

I am not sure when it was that I had first heard about Burning Man. I also didnt know anyone that had actually gone to the event. So I never knew what there was to love about it or hate about it. I knew it was an interesting experience that one of these days would be something I would plan.

Wow. Burning Man is one of the best things that I have ever done. Our excitement to go was pure and childlike. As the time approached I was anxious to go "home" although I wasnt sure if calling it home was for me. Burners call the Playa "home" and well, I was open to the discovery that it possibly wasnt for me.

You see, I dont like crowds. There were over 50,000 people that were supposed to attend. What if all those idiots were hell raisers?

I dont like drunks. I heard it is a constant party.

People must like fire and things blowing up. That is usually a rowdy crowd. I am not into that scene at all. I am very chill.

So Monday, arrival day, I was giddy. Oh my. I couldn't wait to get out into the place. What was this Burning Man home thingy feeling that all the people talked about? What the fuck was the big deal? Holy my Jesus, this was not an easy trip to take. The principles of BM are to be totally self-reliant. Pack it in pack it out.

Fine. But an 18 hour drive there and no exchange of money and all these party people and dirt and stuff... what will we do there?

People. You can say all day long that you have absolutely no interest in BM. Camping, dust, heat, cold, wind, fire, crowds, driving.... blah blah blah it isnt your thing.

I will tell you this. It is your thing. If you opened your mind and your heart, if you let go of all judgment, let life unfold, if you lived in the very moment of now. You would love it. Not just for 7 days straight. Nah. You dont want to leave. You want to stay. Because it is home. There is no place like it. I got it and I get it.

You will never meet more amazing people, the people are there for you to have an experience. The people LIVE to give you a good time. This place is the way we all want to live. It is a gift. Our playa home neighbors talked more to us than the neighbors we lived by for over three years. We shared drinks and coffee and deep soul moments. We laughed and loved and hugged total strangers.

I feel my mind has always been open. But BM opened my heart. Wide open. I am a little more patient now and a lot more tolerant. I fucking loved every moment of the experience, the sounds, the lights, the sights, the love, the gift of home.

Until Burning Man is here again, I will practice what I forgot I knew. Home is what you make it. Home is a gift.


T said...

Well then that lesson alone makes it an experience for the every man... burning or not.

Great post!

Ian said...

Beautiful! It says it like it is. If you read this and you still dont want to go to Burning Man there is something wrong. Sorry I'm obsessed, I tend to get this way with things I encounter that move my heart. Like the Dunes,The Desert, Reggae, Micheal Franti and now Burning Man. I just get to that point were I want everyone to experience what I think is moving. I guess that's kind of arrogant and selfish to think that I should impose these experiences on others but that's what changes the world. I want to change the world and Burning Man has changed me and the world as a result. If only we could be "Home" everyday.

The BF