Monday, September 12, 2011

What Burning Man Was To Me

This was our first time to be at Burning Man. We have talked about going for about 5 years. Burning Man is a big trip and huge commitment to undertake. The idea is to be self reliant for a week. Leave no trace. This is a non commercial event, therefore there are no vendors for food or drinks (you can get ice and coffee). We prepared for it by camping in an RV, food, alcohol, clothing and gifts. We paid $280 for a ticket and wondered what we would get. We also understood that "we" are the event. It isn't like a concert with a stage. You participate to make it an experience.

BM is held in the desert and is the largest temporary city in the USA and the 5th largest city in Nevada. Black Rock City or BRC. 2011 marks the 25th year of BM with over 50,000 burners. It sold out this year. For those people that have kinda 'heard' about it are often under the impression that is a hippie, dusty, firey, sex, drugs and rave in the desert for a week.

It can be that. But it is so much more.

Burning Man is:

A Vacation




Burning Man is about relaxing

There are rules to follow

There are activities to do:
Like Tennis

And Roller Skating

The Circus

Skate Boarding


It is a playground

You can see big things and little things

There are places to go on a picnic

Sometimes you have to worry about things

Other times you can enjoy the tasty things around

and act like a child

Visit the ZOO

Get out of the sun

Take a moment to read

Burning Man is a great place to Meditate, pray and quiet the mind

And Let it all go


If you like boating

Sometimes it's a big WTF?

There is a lot of Bicycling.

You can find public transportation

It is a place to call home

It wouldn't be Burning Man without the lights

or the fire

Or the ART

It is about The MAN

It's about the people

It's about us

It's about

Burning Man is

Burning Man is


Wow, that was awkward said...

Wow. Just wow.

T said...

^^ What the above commenter said? Yeah, my thoughts exactly.

And how sexy are you?!? Dang, girl.

What fun! Living vicariously, I tell you!

NicePeace said...

It truly was a eye-opening experience. A complete feast for the senses. Mind you, every one of those big art cars had an incredible sound system.

It is a Just WOW!

Kimmie said...

Anywhere Brett can get a glimpse of boobies I would expect the word "wow" to be uttered! I am glad I can live this through you not with you :) I am so glad you had a good time.

Ian said...

Its Strange that its a little weird for me when you post boob pics up here when at Burning man you rarely wore a shirt and I was proud of you and the fact that guys and girls were checking you out. Not that Im not proud of the pics you posted. I love showing you off. We must have had 8 or 9 different people male and female ask for pictures with you. And I loved it! Maybe its the thought of some dude on your blog rubbing one out to your pics. IDK that's kind of a compliment too I guess.

I guess its like me putting my tongue all over your body and in the holiest of holes and then feeling kind of disturbed using your tooth brush. It just doesnt make sense but thats how it is.

Dont take them down! This is not a complaint or an insecurity just a thought I had when I saw them. You are so beautiful! I love you!

The BF

NicePeace said...

@ The BF- I dont think anyone noticed the boobs until you pointed it out. Besides this whole Burning Man thing is about creative beauty.

I'm sure that guy Wow didnt notice since he is kinda gay. And stop using my toothbrush.

The Six-Fingered Monkey said...


I noticed the boobs right away.

Just sayin.

Can't rub one out though,cuz I'm at work. Maybe next time.

Seriously... that looks like an incredible experience. How cool.

Ian said...

In case you didnt know you can click on the picture and zoom in on the boobs.

Works good for rubbing one out at home or in the office.

The BF

CHULALA said...

if i were cornan i would b flashing my sword scream'n WoW!n more Wow!
Lets follow each other bdw

Memphis Steve said...

OK, first of all, you are very beautiful. And second of all, I SO envy you going to Burning Man and experiencing all that coolness. I am always amazed at the incredible creativity and talent that shows up at that and the things they are able to do out there in the middle of nowhere.