Thursday, March 10, 2011

Fav Movies- Day 7

I wish I had the movie quote gene. It is definately a guy thing, for the most part. First off, I have a hard time focusing on anything longer that 30 minutes. I do find joy in listening to, mostly guys, talk in movies quotes, yet I couldnt even tell what movie it comes from.

I wont watch a movie I havent seen if it is not at the beginning. I will, only if I have seen it before. I typically will not watch a movie more than once, and it is very rare for me to watch a sequel.

I do not watch violent movies or horror films. period.

I find that movies made from books are usually not even close to being as good. But if I loved the booked, I will see the movie.

And there are MANY MANY MANY movies that were must sees that I never saw. Mostly out of pure laziness. And right about now, I am too lazy to even go into my favorite movies. So this is my 7 day blog.

Check back. I will add more later.


goldielux said...

i totally have the guy gene

Nice Peace of Buddhy said...

You do, don't you?