Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Summer of Me- Weekend 1 (Pre Weekend)

My little lovelies are safely in the arms of their dad and now I can relax and move on with my summer.

Day One- Work all dam day. Not very vacationy but responsible. I was super busy and I'm leaving in just a few minutes.

Day 1 Evening- Pack up the Jetta and jet on to Hoover Dam. This area is very close to my BFF and she addmitted that she will stop over and see us before our early morning dam departure.

Day 2- This is where the fun begins. We brought a lot of fun to do kayaking games, the thing is they are drinking games. I am thinking that 11 miles of any committed physical activity will involve pain during or after. Adding drunkenness to that seems to be a bad idea, I will get back to you on if this worked out.

Day 3 - Finish the Colorado off with collapse and drive to Vegas (baby) Everyone says Baby- So there you have a baby for said Baby trip. Shower and Get ready to party and meet with new BFF and friends. Oh yes this could be either A) the most memorable or B) the most forgettable. Note to self- Take pictures and no shots.

Day 4 - Plan recovery phase, rehydrate and trade a foot rub for a CBJ. This is a good plan that I am confident will please me and BF. Drive home after people watching at the pool all day. Sleep and trade a all over body rub for a coal CBJ. Nice ending to the weekend.

Day 5 - Sleep- Play with the dogs unpack and whine about how sore I am and beg for more massages.

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Sarah said...

Have a wonderful time! Drinking and canoeing never works for my family (every August) but it always provides ALOT of comic relief!