Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Interview

If you had a pig, what would you name it?
Lance. I love names with the letter "C" in them

On which side is your toilet paper in your bathroom?
Right side, I prefer toilet paper to roll down

Lamps or Ceiling Lights?
I am picky about what I turn on... Lamps are worth the work.

North Pole or Equator?
Is this a trick question? North side of the Equator

Favorite type of Poker Game?
Strip Poker

Ever played Egyptian Rat Screw?
No, not yet. But with a name like that...

Favorite Book Series, Saga, Trilogy, etc?
Jackie Collins - The Santangelo Series

Pick One: Quiz, Trivia, Poll, Survey?
Survey, Rhymes with Scurvy, well it doesnt rhyme but... well

Which is worse: finger prick or a shot?
nobody really likes a prick

Ever shined a flashlight in your eye?
never. that is just on the crazy side

When was the last time you fell over?
Im not in the habit of such a thing, so I cant accurately say

What do you do when it snows?
Turn off the TV and head outside

Name a Random Vegetable.

What do you think would happen if a pig ate sunscreen?
You wouldn't get crispy bacon

Elf ears or a witch nose?
strap-ons are exciting, eh?

Do you do the mash potato?
no, i just eat them with butter

Love at first sight: Possible?
Yes. In fact dessert is something easy to love at first sight.

Are you a graduate?
Yep. A smart won two.

Favorite Harrison Ford?
? This is an incomplete question. Hairstyle? Pants? Meal? Color?

Math is...
in everything you do. Except poop

What type of device are you using right now? (Laptop, Macbook, PC, etc)
Fingers. All of them and they are coming in 'handy'

Is Google your homepage
No. Yahoo. but I love The Google

Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, Bebo, etc. Which is best?
Bebo? What is that? I like good 'ol texting

Dinosaurs are...
Old and boney

Former Aspirations?
High Profile Escort.

How much do you perspire?
Depends on how much I am perspiring

Would you perform on Broadway?
Perform what? Fellatio? Never. Not Ever.

Would you perform in a Commercial?
Only if it involved wax

Would you perform in the Superbowl?
Is this really on option?

What's your meaning in life?
This survey and making deviled eggs

Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcaniosis is...
an erupting STD. An itchy one.

Do you participate in Hanukkah?
No. I'm not even black

Define Rap in two words.
bling bling

What is the difference in a fruit and a vegetable?
Some stuff and seeds and seasons and how they grow and if kids like 'em or not.

What is your IQ?
Cleary, it's very hi.

Favorite Movie?
In this decade, Knocked up. but only because i can watch it more than once


How do you exert the most energy?
By flexing my cunt muscle. It is a well known fact.

Pineapple reminds you of...
Pineapple, they are eerily the same

On a scale of one to penguin, how random are YOU?
Thanks. I prefer a lot of ice.


compulsively yours...for now said...

you forgot to mention your love for sticking The Google with organic carrots in the No No.

and is there any other kind of poker? think not

Nice Peace of Buddhy said...

No No carrots with an organic flavor during strip poker= bunnies running around yer bum

Sarah said... survey. I was going to steal it until I realized that my answers wouldn't be nearly as amusing as yours.

Janine Jacoby said...

Damn, girl, you make me laugh "every time"! Those some good odds...

Maureen said...

Sarah: I find myself to be mildly amusing at times, it really is hit or miss....

JJ: I'm funny when I'm funny :)