Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Random Facts

Random: I've never been stung by a wasp, bee, hornet or yellow jacket.

Fact:I was born in North Dakota. I was almost born in Michigan.
My mom didn't tell her family she was expecting

Random: I have never run out of gas since I have been driving. I think that it's avoidable.

Fact: I have to carefully word most things I think. I can be too honest and it offends some.

Random: I have never been in a car accident.

Fact: I broken up with most men i have dated

Random: I have never had an abortion

Fact: I am the smallest person in my family, but most people think I am 5'8" and up

Random: I have never been to New York and I don't have much desire to make it a special point.

Fact: I like the movie the Body Guard.

Random: I have never been a fan of Elvis or Pink Floyd

Fact: The oddest place I ever threw up was at a pet cemetery.

Random: I have never paid for drugs with money I earned.

Fact: I love Christmas shopping two days before Christmas.

Random: I have such bad sunburns that I have scars from it

Fact: If I wasn't sensible I would be an addict.

Random: There are only 3 events in my life that I would change if I could.

Fact: I would say so much more if I thought I could really make a difference

Random: I know I am so much like my mom, but in the ways I didn't like in her.

Fact: I dont use a microwave

Random: Joanie loves Chachi

Fact: I am flirtin' with disaster.

Random: I know I could be a better mom at times, but I can be really selfish.

Fact: My love is only unconditional for my children.

Random: Size does matter.

Fact: Size does matter.

Random: I have faked it.

Fact: I faked it if I didnt enjoy it. Get away from me.

Random: You are either good in bed or not. Just okay is not okay.

Fact: I would never fake it again.

Random. Every year I become a different person

Fact: and I believe in ghosts

Random: and I believe our government knows they are killing us

Fact: Funny people impress me

Random: People that work with thier hands impress me

Fact: I usually do what other people want.

Random: I miss my mom


Wow, that was awkward said...

Random fact: You are gold. Happy turkey day.

Nice Peace of Buddhy said...

Well there is more where that came from.