Monday, November 24, 2008

Me, the BF, the Ex, and the Kids


It is turkey week, I'm mean Thanksgiving. Why are we so obsessed with the turkey for this day? It is kinda weird. I just bought a turkey for that day, a beefy 20 pounder.

My babies daddy came into town Saturday. He lives in Costa Rica. They hadn't seen him since last October when we all went to Costa Rica to see him. We went to the Phoenix Airport to greet his arrival and wait for him when he got off the plane. We didn't have to wait long as we planned to get in just as he was. I was so excited for my girls. My little one said she couldn't sleep the night before. Me and the bf took a seat and watched the many people waiting for loved ones. I saw my ex and told my kids there he is. Livi made a run for him, a full sprint and literally jumped into his arms and wouldnt let go. I couldn't help but tear up at that sight. And everyone was watching this very sweet exchange.

We partied some that night and decided to do some shopping the next day for clothes for him and the girls and his, 19 year old Costa Rican GF. The bf didn't want to go as he doesn't like this ritual. So we hopped in the car and made a day of shopping for a bunch of girls.

We went to lunch at Red Robin and my lovely, almost 14 year old actually was in a good mood. I know it was because she was getting clothes. I was able to take this picture of us.


We could be sisters.... we did our shopping and get to VS because the ex wants to buy his GF some pretties. He asks for me to help him and I say, "No, I'm shopping for me, ask a sales girl." Livi and him go off to shop and me and Haley go about. Eventually we all run into each other and Livi starts telling me about all the butt floss panties her dad found. He gets embarrassed because the sales girl is still helping him. I told him that he never bought me lingerie when we were married and he mentioned that I always had all his money spent before he had anytime to spend it on me. The sales girl was laughing and so were we. All in all we had a great day and a lot of fun.

I have never regretted our relationship and I am grateful for him. We've been apart now over 8 years, longer then we were together. He is a good man and friend to me. I am glad he is here to see his kids. I miss that he is not near them. He told the bf that he is glad that I am with him. The ex likes that the bf is in my kids lives. I just hope, one day, the ex decides to be, too.


Wow, that was awkward said...

I love Red Robin. Even before I had kids. You are a turkey. A hot one, but a turkey nonetheless.

Nice Peace of Buddhy said...

Everything is bottomless at RR. What's not to love?

Anonymous said...

hi! i liked this. i could almost see Livi jumping into R's arms. God that is sweet. it is a crying shame that R does not live closer. it is hard to imagine a parent volunteering to be so removed from his kids' lives while they are so young. let's face it, for the most part, it is guys who can (dis)function in that way when it comes to their own kids. R is a swell guy, but he would be a fine parent indeed were he to make the move. also, what the F with the 19 yr old GF. i hate to be judgmental, but that is really not okay. have a great T Day and i love you and your babies lots. -stashka

Nice Peace of Buddhy said...

Dick will always rule a mans life then money. When the dick has no where to go, the focus is money. when they have nothing they go to family.... or maybe this is the case right now.

I asked him if he wants H to be dating a man his age when she is 19! You can bet the answer was no. The culture is different there. He said that she is very poor. I told him not to knock her up.... again dick will always rule til it cant.

Love you too fluff!