Saturday, November 22, 2008

Is it me or PMS? The short list.

    Some things I am not thankful for, yet I still might be a little bit appreciative about it just for the material and the justification of the rant. Here is a small list of things that can make me go off.

  • Girls grabbing boobs, theirs or their friends for a camera- This is so tacky, looks stupid and most of these tit feelers acting like attention seeking idiots are just that- Idiots. I cant stand seeing these pictures on a profile. If you arent going for the muff dont think you are teasing anyone and looking sexy. It is just LAME. Giving some the bird in every picture is retard too.

  • Driving next to someone with irrational speed control- 35 mph, 40mph, 30 mph, 42 mph - Fuck! Just drive!

  • Repeaters- Say it once, I heard you. If I didnt I'll ask. People usually do this when the think they said something funny or profound and alcohol may or may not be involved. Shut the fuck up.

  • Conversations with those who say 'Ya Know' every 3rd word- "I was, ya know going to the mall, ya know and ya know my vagina got caught on, that ya know hot guys , ya know , like dick. Ya know it was sweaty, ya know?" Ya know I dont know and dont care
  • Tongue Clicking lip smackers, or any type of orally obnoxious noises -Ever been on the phone with someone and you have asked them something and they have to pause to find that something? Most people start clicking their tongue to fill the silence. It is all I can do to tell them to stop or not hang up. Don't do that anymore.

  • The smell of someone who just smoked- Stay away from me stinky poo. Shower, rinse, wash whatever to not disgust everyone else with your disgusting habit. I would rather smell the inside of a diseased colon, uughtt.....not really, but close. (I am a hateful ex-smoker)

  • Too much perfume/cologne- If someone is standing next to you and you can TASTE their favorite scent, well, this is plain bad manners. If you have to cover up your putrid stench, then shower or change your diet. This is the worst in a restaurant for me.

  • Misery doesn't always love company- If you keep doing the same things you will keep having the same outcome. Stop being an ignoramus and do it different.

  • Bad porn- enough said.

  • Parents that dont parent- The one who is all sweet talking to a really shitty acting child. Take control and help 'em, they need you to stop them.

What gets to you?

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