Monday, October 27, 2008

Where's My Dinner?

I am in a good place, but bf, (right now that stands for butt fuck) wants to be grumpy and fight with me.

Just because you are with someone, doesnt mean they make you happy all the time. If you choose not to tell them that they have made you unhappy because you wished they could read your mind, well, that's ok still, isn't it? It's ok if I was obviously unhappy about something but decided that it was a fight worth avoiding. It's ok if I had a long day and just ... was.

When I am unhappy, pissed, jolly, aroused, flirty, shy or how ever I may be at that time, it shows. It is written all over my attitude, body language, eye contact and speech.

I have been working long hours. I was a little tiffed that when he gets home a few hours before me I guess I just expect him to pick up the slack. First mistake. No, I didnt ask him to. Yes, I take that blame. However, when I call him at five and ask him what he wants me to make for dinner, cause I have to go to the store-I'll be home around six now, I was hoping for some gesture, as in I'll go to the store..... As I try to ride out how I feel about it, he knows and asks, so I tell him. I first tell him that I dont want to tell him because he will be mad and we will then fight and I dont want to fight, after all the bragging I did on girls night out about how great our relationship has been.

He gets really pissed, tells me that I have no right to be pissed at him (I wasnt, just unhappy) and gets up and leaves. telling me 'whatever' on his way out. Now I am pissed and scream a big fuck you with a hardy front door slam.



heather said...

ohhh so familiar. i always wish that b would suggest to do things on his own more often too. but he was raised to only do things when hes asked, and only when hes really in the mood to do something will he take initiative. but i think its a boy thing in general too, unfortunately. just think of how unhappy they would be if we only did what they asked of us!!

Nice Peace of Buddhy said...

If we waited to be asked they would wear dirty clothes have a sink full of dirty dishes and by then prob be pretty horny.

The boy in them needs to learn how to scracth someones back and not bite the hand that does the reach around they like so well.....

Wow, that was awkward said...

fo shiz

Nice Peace of Buddhy said...


Ian said...

The BF says "I have lived by myself and with roommates who never did my dirty laundry or cooked me dinner." I am a good cook and enjoy it; In fact I wanted to be a chef long before The Food Network was chic. And I never have worn dirty clothes that is nast. I'm not the guy that slides the pizza box under the couch after the big game or paints the living room without moving the furniture away from the wall. I will survive!

I don't expect any dinners or laundry to be done for me when I get home. But I am conditioned by the fact that Nice Peace has two girls that she takes very good care of. By this I mean she makes them dinner every night if I am there or not. Because she knows the importance of the dinner table dynamic.

In fact I like it when she doesn't make dinner and I can run to my favorite taco shop and get some comida mexicana. That’s the best! The best Jerry! The best I tell ya!

Love you Babe

Oh yeah I can always rub one out too.

Nice Peace of Buddhy said...

Getting your own tacos and giving yourself hand jobs soon enough will leave you wanting a pink taco and a job you cant give to yourself, mister.