Thursday, September 4, 2008

I am Done Trying

I promised you a blog about penis's but right now it is National CBJ week and I am not into it.

I have so many things going on in my heart and life right now. I am excited about my new sales postion. And nervous too. I worked for commission when I did massage. It was good. I know that in sales you can write your own paycheck. I know that in sales you can have some really tight times. I am scared. Isnt that what stops us? Fear? F.E.A.R. False Evidence Appearing Real.

I am in training. I am being trained by (of all people) A Life Coach. A Results Coach. How perfect is that? It is perfect. I am getting the perfect sales education. The best I can ask for. THAT is exciting for me. The beauty is, it works for all areas of life. Financial, business, relationships, health, personal and even family. There is no area in life that a life coach cant help one realize what it is that you are doing that isnt working. But what doesnt work is not what he decides, it's what you decide by action. Or lack of action.

The thing that resonates with me is I have been chiming about all the changes I need to make. And then I dont do it. I decide all day long what I am going to do. Then poof. No action. No change. No growth. Without change you cant grow. This I have known for years.

One thing that I have known but was just taught, is most people only make changes in desperation, when they are losing a job, a lover or some other thing that is causing some sort of pain. Pain and suffering is what brings people together. Look at any tragedy.....

I am done trying and I am committed to doing. I have no more excuses. Not that my life have been tragic or painful. I havent been happy. That is up to me. And I now choose to make my difference in my life.



Wow, that was awkward said...

MoMo sounds better and good. Excellent!!

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Excellent indeed!