Monday, August 11, 2008

Im just venting and pouty

I dont really have much of a life right now. We have been trying to pull the new house together, day and night. Just over 3 weeks now. I am too tired to even insert something funny here.

I kinda got fired from a job I took back in mid May. However, I am not going to take full responsibility for my swift exit. This guy is a luxury home builder, ex-pro football player. Big whoop, and big ego. This guy would call me to have me call someone and have them call him!! He even called me once to add some figures..... the deal is, he had been through about 7 Executive assistants in 2 years. 3 of them quit after 2 to 6 months, one embezzled about 200k throughout the 9 mo she was there and 3 were fired after 8 to 10 weeks. I had just told myself to look elsewhere. Anyway, I didnt fill out this form he asked me to in order to get his 104 foot houseboat registered. He had a tizzy and hired someone else. Whateve. But before he fired me, I had packed my stuff and decided that I didnt need this in my life and at that point it was mutual. I have since accepted another position and had quite a few leads and opportunity. After just having bought a house I was down right depressed and to say stressed out is a total understatement. Now, it's all good. I learned from the whole experience and feel more confident about my capabilities then before this happened.

Looking back over this year, I have had some crazy stress. My mom died, new job, new house, teenager, rocky relationship. I have gone through some difficult emotional struggles. I am not taking care of my needs in any way, and feel that I need to make some big changes to pull through this. My biggest prob is, I dont know how to find the time to do it right now. I am doing the kid thing mostly alone. The bf helps, (thanks) but it is not like I can just leave and say, you do it for a few days. I need to lick some wounds....

I havent run in months, been to the gym, or done yoga since March. It is so fucking hot in Arizona right now. You cant escape it outdoors. At least in the snow you can go out and wear clothes to warm up, you just cant cool down when it is over 105. Dry or not. It is nearing the end now and then we get months of gorgeous weather. I really hate to revolve my life around the weather but geeze... it sucks right now.

I have been needing to write, but some people that know me read this and I just am not going to air the dirty laundry right now.

Breathe in, breathe out. Now is all I have.

I wanted to write a blog about cocks. Big cocks, little cocks, straight cocks, curved cocks and even fake cocks. My next blog, Big giant cocks. Check back.


Wow, that was awkward said...

Oh my, I didn't expect that ending. Not sure about checking back. Can I get a cliffs notes version or some sort of third party review so I can make an educated decision?

Kimmie said...

I love a big cock
Hard as a rock
I like it thick
One that can do a dirty trick
The little ones I mock

Baby - BE GOOD TO YOURSELF. Stress can suck you in and we both know how long and hard death lingers - unresolved pain with no escape.

Jobs - pshaw - I'll sick the IRS on the prick... he he.


I'm huge in Japan said...

@wow wee: You didnt expect that happy ending? Your wife needs to read the cbj blog!

@kimmie poo:
I am not good at limmericks
but I too love big dicks
curved or straight
big cocks are great
Just not attached to big pricks