Monday, July 21, 2008


Me and the guy just bought a house together, kinda like being married but better. No jewelry, party, dinner, cake, gifts or vacation. Wait, those things sound fun... umm, oh , my point is that we officially will never get divorced, we still will have lots of sex and the kid issue isnt going to come up anytime soon. No stress and and our money went toward something that will actually make us money instead of something that is just a memory after 5 hours..... Yes! Good commitment.

This blog isnt about that. It's about renovating. Two days we have been at it. We have a tight schedule and a tight budget. Heh, I said tight....

Anyway, we are doing a lot of this ourselves. I have no known skills in anything other then cbj's and massaging. I have a finger that points well and I know how to get pissy til I get my way. The guy, on the other hand is pretty, pretty He can build a car from the ground up and is not afraid of gettin' up in there and making shit happen. Not that he wants to do the work. He likes to hire people for chump work.

Saturday AM, We mosey down to the Home Depot and pick up some tools to take up 2500 sf of 20 year old tile, Take down a few walls and tear down a kitchen. And we pick up some workers.

*Clears throat**** Disclaimer*** I am not going to be PC here. I am going to say it like it is. Meaning if it's yellow it's yellow if it's Home Depot, it's Home Depot and if the Mexicans we picked up are illegal and cant speak english, then well.... no offense meant, it just is, Kay?

We have never picked up workers before, we cant speak Spanish other then taco and bueno, I always mix that up with hola and I can count to 10, so for obvious reasons, I cant speak the language so I am not going to try to spell the language.

There are prob about 30 guys out waiting for us. (Or anyone, I just want to be popular) So we pull up, and give the peace sign to them all. 2. We need 2 guys. Fuckin A! We get swarmed! They are jumping in the cab in the back, opening doors!!!! Geeze, talk about popular! First two to make the claim, win the pick me contest.

Now we have Leo and Alexander (pronounced Ali-hond-ro), we negotiate $10 bucks an hour each and off we go to the new casa. They start right away, not even knowing what we need to do, start unloading the truck, opening shit up and boom! Just attack the floors, the walls and so forth. Me and the guy are working too. but these guys are blowing their wad right from the start. We supplied the drinks, lunch, I supplied burritos and salsa, they know pic-ceeto english and we all go along fine. They cleared the floors, took down the walls, threw out the kitchen. Our mexicans worked hard and I totally appreciated what they did.

Come 3pm, they were spent. We were spent. But the day was young and I had all that tight stuff still going on. We drove Leo and Ali-hond-ro back to the Casa depot and told them we'd get them again mon-yan-a.

So, as we pull up, I notice there several 'workers' hanging out still. I tell the guy, let's get some more, he says "You want to get some fresh Mexicans?" I say, " SI!"

We gave them some red bull and let them at it! They worked their illegal asses off and we more then accomplished our goal for Saturday!

Moo-ey bway-no!


Wow, that was awkward said...

That is a brilliant idea! I have a honey-do list a mile long. I gotta get me some illegals!!

I'm huge in Japan said...

They have illegals in Denver? I thought it was only the border states.

It is so worth it. I told the guy I wish we had one at home. I heart them.

Mandy said...

This is so wrong, yet so wonderfully funny.

Viva Les Illegals!

I'm huge in Japan said...

Once you go mexican you never do it yourself again!