Monday, August 5, 2013

WHAT I found ON THE MAT sunday.

i had a very spiritual moment in yoga on sunday. i was pretty upset when i went and almost cancelled.instead i decided to breath it out and replace it with good.i did just that. and my mood all day was full of love and joy.intention is about the only thing i can create. that or a mess of the people in my with that i am in tune with the universal energy that i can create. living with purpose has great power . i  finally stopped sobbing about things although i am still emotional at times  i recover much better now. i was really struggling with balance and the yogi kept telling me it wasn't a time to compare myself with others, she didnt say it to me but would just say it. her reminders told me to let go stay present and feel gratitude. i found .it with bountiful amounts of love towards my self and some past things i have been trying to heal from. and for the first time in years i felt love and joy and forgiveness in my heart. truly felt the power of it. i felt strong and like i could do anything. if i would stop beating my self up of reminders of how much i have changed.  instead but look how far i've come.  my losses and changes are huge. and measurable. i feel immense gratitude for them they have put me on a path i never dreamed possible. almost magical. i have a ton of work i still want to do but i know i can do it. i am worthy and deserve it. without my own senseless chatter. my intent sunday was to hear and let go and find the lesson. so  everything else that day was done with soulful intention filled with love and free spirit. my day and life continued to improve. and with the love i feel i have been wanting to express it.
i also admitted that i dont love yoga but sunday i saw it.for the first time in a while.i was happy. thank you . to the laughing buddha in tempe , az


Vapid Vixen said...

i am worthy and deserve it.

I love that line. And you do. We all do.

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goldie lux said...

i'm so glad you came with me. dusty's class is amazing beyond words. i'm glad it helped you like it has helped me. i'm going again sat & sun at 10am. would love if you joined me again. love peace and light. always.