Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Biological Urge

"The mystery of life isn't a problem to solve, but a reality to experience"

I am a bit in a foul mood. I am not really into spell check today nor caps or full words or even punctuation for that matter.

Truth is I am in a pretty hoeful <--- hopeful, place. I guess I need to spell check.....

I had a shitty week last week and goddamm it has been a while since one that dramatic.

I have been wanting to find the quiet time to reflect on my burning man experience. I did and I didnt. I decided I am not going to label my experience. I am not going to define it as either good or bad. I am just going to say that burning man was great and here are some of the reasons only maybe a few people will understand because they know me or went for themselves or both or you are a really good listener or stalker.

SO in looking at the BM experience It was great. And any other adjective that is great-like. The time of my life for everyday that I was there. Why? I was present. I was totally in acceptance of my life. How awesome is that? It is really amazing to look at it that way.  It feels good to feel that today. There is so much to be in awe about anytime you are present. Try it now.

The theme was Fertility 2.0. Take that however it resonates with you. I personally think of it as a birth or a newness. Symbolically I think of more, abundance and growth of a family. Ironically. That is what happened while I was there. I found out who my family is and it grew out of a mutual respect and need. I strengthened relations and questioned some as well. And now that the dust has mostly settled I feel reborn and ready to take on the world again. That is what is so special. You don't know what you will get out of that place. I found some ugly things there. I have let them go, All those weirdos there say the Playa provides. That couldn't be more true. You just don't always know what you are in need of. Well, at least for a ex-codependent like me.

I welcome the changes I feel today. I let go of some nasty shiz and I am open to the unknown of abundance that is out there. I don't have an expectation for it. But I have a word for it.


I asked my fake Siri aka Skyvi (Android) what is Love? And this is what she said:

Sometimes I think love is just a biological urge. Other times it seems like a spiritual quality. Love unlike energy or matter, seems limitless.

I plan on using my limitless love on everyone I meet. Just like I did at Burning Man.


Anonymous said...

The BF Says


Wow, that was awkward said...

I felt you there at Burning Man big time. And I don't mean that in the horndog I am kind of way. Life isn't always rainbows and skittles (or unicorns - BM, duh). There are tough parts and how you handle those is up to you. I had no idea there was drama and some strained relations going on at Burning Man. I found that out after the fact. And the reason must be because you really were living in the moment the entire week. You were there and present and choosing to enjoy what you needed and wanted.

And then you came back and had to address some of the shit, which is called life. You aren't running from it and you are getting past it. That's good MoMo.

I feel more open and loving than ever. BM helped that. But more so are the people in my life that are important to me, through the good and bad. You somehow made that list MoMo. You were already on it and yet we are now closer than ever, right? Man, we are so fucking cool. :-) People are lucky to know us. Heh. You are rubbing off on me too much...

Red Shoes said...

I enjoyed this... thank you. My friend that goes to BM just raves about it. I would hope to go... love to go next year.

There always seems to be some kind of event or place that speaks to us. I've been to Monument Valley a couple of times, and feel so at peace there.

But, I have to try Burning Man...


NicePeace said...

@BF- Stop shouting. I love you too.

@Wow - Drama for me started when I go home. No one is allowed to ruin my week there. I will go sparkle pony on someone else's camp.

The shiz was hard because there were boat loads of it. Like, hey I need some tall boots to get through this crap- kinda shiz. People are lucky to us....

Vapid Vixen said...

This is really awesome. I'm happy there are people in the world who try to focus on love. And though I hate to admit Wow is right about anything, People ARE lucky to know the both of you. Ugh. That kinda hurt. ;)