Thursday, April 5, 2012

Okay, I am listening

Dear Universe:
I have been listening to your signs, which brought me here today. I can no longer deny that I am stumbling and need a clear direction of how to get my new service out there. I have had amazing success with starting my business 2 1/2 years ago but it is time to expand and grow professionally, personally and spiritually. Help me get clear with where to begin and how to expand with the right people and remind me how to trust ME again.

I need the right people that can help me sharing knowledge and by putting the clients that will serve this need. I love the happy generous and repeat clients. I want the clients that love how they feel and respect my time and creative vision. I would love the schedule that works with my family and my personal life as well. Remeind me that I deserve to be successful and I deserve abundance. I let this go now with the knowing that you will come through.

I will continue to work in this direction with an open mind that is generous and light hearted. I feel very blessed in my life and will continue to donate my services to those in need. I am so grateful for my family, health and work.

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goldie lux said...

you are amazing at what you do. i'm sure the universe will hear you and put the right people into your life. love you