Monday, February 27, 2012


I am a busy person. My days are full of commitment and obligations. I hate the word obligation. But I have them. We all do. I wish it was a swish of the hand that I could just go of what I want out of life. But I dont.

I value the time I had. We only get so many days, hours and minutes. I find myself to be pretty honest and vocal of what I want and what is important to me. If you are important in my life I dont have many things to surprise you with. I told you how I felt, what I am hungry for and what time is my fav time to do it. You get to know me because I try to live authentically. pffft.

When I feel my time being hijacked I get a little crazy. I do try very much to be flexible and mostly I succeed at that. But when something is important to me and I am not given time warning, when it is controllable, I feel under-valued. I cant pretend. My time is not being respected. And I feel disrespected.

A woman with children needs more time. She is is keeping everyone organized. A woman that is working needs more time, she has a family to feed. We cannot just drop everything. At least not everytime.

I communicate. I plan. I respect the time of others, because I know what the people that are important in my life need. They need respect. Why doesnt everyone GET this rule? Must it be told everytime?

I am not trying to fake it anymore. being passive-aggressive is not expressive. I am expressing my dissatisfaction. Take me this way or never get me. I call bull shit.

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