Sunday, May 29, 2011

One Week and a Weekend in Vegas

The bf and I officially have lived apart for 2 weeks. We officially havent seen each other for 7 days. I miss him. I have lived with him for 6 years and have a familiar life with him. It sucks that we know when something isnt healthy yet we tend to think it will fix itself. I had to leave and we both knew it.

No, we arent married. We never planned to be married. And we were and are still both okay with that. But In my heart and mind I have been married to him. Marriage is a relationship and just because we didnt mail in a piece of paper doesn't make our commitment less important or official. Married couples separate and this is acceptable to people. People hope that the love story will have a happy ending. I dont think others take our separation seriously. Yes, I am moved out and that is that. But if we were married I think others would see that we are only trying to save our marriage. To me, this is no different. People leave marriages all the time. Couples break up. Hearts are broken, and families divided. We all change. But we keep going back. Learning and realizing that we do love each other. We just need to learn how to live with each other.

We are working on it. I am doing some healing and learning to forgive and trust not only him, but me. We hope that in 30 days we will have become datable to the other. A new relationship is a time to bond and discover. I am not the same woman to him that I was 6 1/2 years ago. We grew apart, but hope we can grow back in the same direction. We are hopeful, it's a start.

So I was dreading my first weekend living down the street from him and not doing the things he and I do. I was pretty stressed and anxious. And low and behold I get a text from a new girlfriend to go to Vegas for the weekend. I said YES and we hit the road the next day.

I am not a Vegas person. It is too crowded for me and too aggressive for my tastes. But I was along for the ride and in such a need for some girl time and a change of scenery. Since we got in late we didnt get out until midnight and ended up staying out way too late. Vegas has a timeless vibe at all times. Nothing worse than leaving and having the sun already be UP!!! We had some great laughs and the people watching is the finest there can be. My friend picked up on a stray young hooker that proceeded to tell us the bad things about being a nude stripper. Poor thing. I hope she makes it through nursing school like she was hoping to.

Saturday was much of the same, All you can eat buffet, roller coaster ride, pool, nap and fancy dinner at Palms Restaurant. We had VIP to Tryst at the Wynn, but what a crowed cluster fuck and so much smoke in those places. We went to Hard Rock and enjoyed live music and dancing and made it out of there BEFORE the sun. Great weekend great friend and lots of laughs. Time to rest and get on with the new me.

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