Tuesday, February 9, 2010


As I go through this endless road of life and learning, I am often questioned about what I am doing. I cant seem to get it just so for you all at the same time. Yet all tell me to do it for me, and then I get questioned about that.

Life is about learning and sharing and giving. I wonder if I am just missing the fucking lesson or am I doing this incorrectly?

I decided you cant do it wrong. But can you ever do it right?

No. You cant do it right. Not for everyone, everytime. I want to be infatuated with life again. But I have this nagging loneliness. Every one is here, no one wants to play.


goldielux said...

i'll go play with you!! i can't get it right either but at least we can enjoy it together :) love you to pieces

Anonymous said...

omg you rock!!!!!

i love this blog and your intrest...


Anonymous said...

Interesting. As Dave Mustaine said,"time has a way of taking time, lonliness is not only felt by fools."