Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Um... yep again.

Have you ever been in a mosh pit?
If that is what you are calling my mood, then yes, I can't get out.

Do you use the "online now" feature for your myspace profile?
No, I stealth in and decide who I jerk off

How often do you catch yourself day dreaming?
If by day dreaming, you mean masterbating, never.

Do you like gangster movies?
Do, I? or Do I!!! you decide.

What's your dream car?
I fucking fast one that flies and is paid for.

Do you watch Anime?
Only the porn kind

If there was an opportunity to loot, would you?
If I could get some cheese, maybe...

Ever dressed up as a pirate?
Shouldn't I?

Come to any realizations lately?
Oh fuck. Yes. I am hopeless.

What was your favorite childhood cartoon?
I liked Looney Tunes

Would you consider yourself creative? Why?
The deal is, I can think of SOOOO many creative things, just can't create them.

Have you ever wished on a star?
No, but I have wished on dice.

What is your favorite video game?
Do I have to have one. My favorite game is the Silent treatment. He's winning.

If someone offered to buy you a bar drink, what would you ask for?
Dirty Martini.

Can you sing well?
No, I do one thing really well. And I know it.

Who is the last person you laughed at?
Me. but in an ironic, loathing way.

Do you dance naked around the house when you're alone?
No. I don't

Do you like your teeth?
They are good for a bolus now and again

What windows are currently open on your computer screen?
Every single one for communicating.

Have you ever thought about how your death might be?
Yes. I hope it's in my sleep.

What is your favorite TV show as of now?
Family Guy. And that is it.

Who is the ugliest person on TV?
Larry King comes to mind

What does AARP mean?
Animals Are Rarely People

What were you doing at 8 in the morning today?
Being brilliant.

What's on your mind?
Too much, it's this instead of a good old honest blog. Honesty scares people

Have you ever been hunting?
Yes, I found all my lovers on the hunt.

Have you ever been arrested?
No, it seems avoidable.

Who is the last person to text you today?
OMG! I havent texted one person today.

If you could erase your past would you?
No, but if I had to, I would not have an opinion.

Is you hair color now you natural color?
It's what is

What was the highlight of you week?
Being cold in July on the beach. I need some adventure

When is your birthday?

Have you ever stolen a street sign?
No, but my neighbor stole one with my name on it and gave it to me at 2 am.

Do you know how to drive stick shift?
Yes, I learned when I was 14 in a Karmen Ghia.

Have you ever crashed a car?
Not ever.

Are you addicted to anything?
Drama. I seem to get it more than anything. That and coffee.

What do you do for a living?
I wish I could say live.

What street do you travel the most?
The road to ruin.

Where do you like to shop?
Trader Joe's and Bargin places

What kind of music do you like?
It is easier to say what I dont like, Techno, rap, and hard core metal

What's your best feature?
my sparkling wit and dazzling charm

Do you and your parents get along?

What is one of your main goals in life?
To make people think, but it's not paying off

How many relationships have you been in this year?
Many. yep I'm a hosebag

Got any siblings?
I got siblings

Ever wanted to tryout for American Idol?
Not ever. I'm too idle for that

How many shoes do you own?
shoes or pairs of them, less pairs and more shoes.

What kind of phone do you have?
G1 Google.

Who was your last comment from?
no comment

Who will you send this survey to?
no one. get your own.

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compulsively yours...for now said...

how would one go about getting their own? i have always relied on taking from others or as some would call it-stealing from others-but hey...dont wanna split hairs about it dawg

so, what ya doin? huh? you busy?

love you my sweetness!