Thursday, June 11, 2009

Learning to Drive

Here is the MySpace bulletin I read from my daughter today:


Date: Jun 10, 2009 9:57 PM
Subject: crashed
Body: the car today
hahaha no break...
only a brick wall !
hahahhahah i feel really bad, but my dad was laughing about it(:
hell yeahh

saw some monkeys today, and almost got eaten alive by freakin' dragonflies!
it's surprisingly fun though.

my gma leaves fridayy.

p.s the smoothies here (fresas) are kick ass


Nice. Monkeys roam the streets and trees in Costa Rica. Driving in CR is a lot like driving in Mexico. Well, maybe not as bad.

I have never been in an accident. I started driving at 14 and drove everywhere. She is learning to drive a 5 speed, which is great. I learned how to drive in a Karmen Ghia and a Subaru Brat. I never even drove an automatic til i was in my twenties. We let her drive in the desert where there are no walls, or rules even....

They have been gone one week. First day, I was getting messages like, I cant stay here for this long, I wanna come home and so forth. The girls are home sick. I miss them too, but I am just starting to get in a groove.

Our trip was so much fun. I am waiting to get pictures from our friends and I will make a post then with pictures. It did turn out better than I anticipated.

The weather here has been remarkable for Arizona standards. Low to mid 90's is unheard of past May. When I first moved to Phx., it was 110 and effing haute! I love it!

I'm keepin on.

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Sarah said...

Eat some oatmeal cookies for me too okay? Thank you for your support! I am mentally making a list of things I want to devour after this is far I have turkey burger quesadillas and oatmeal cookies! Yummo!