Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Janky and bored

I dont have much to say other than I still have not recieved pictures form my Dam trip. I'm not very happy about this and yet I cant do a dam thing about it.

I have had a strange week. Meeting new people, going to strange places and I got a massage from the BF last night. Being a therapist I have the tools to get it and do it and with no kids around, it was mutually satisfying for us both. Yes, that is what I mean.

We are going out of town again this weekend. And I am feeling restless and bored


your psycho ex-girlfriend said...

i wish i wasnt near death in the desert i would comment more and we could declare our love for each other on the www for all to see. but alas i am dying and alone...sigh.

love you.

The BF said...

It has been a long strange trip! Thats what happens when the kids are away. I loved rubbing you all over and slip sliding around. If only we had video of it.

Get better and declare love. Get it out dont hold back. Get out the scissors too.

your psycho ex-girlfriend said...

BF i assume you mean take a shit and so.... i did.

your psycho ex-girlfriend said...

did i mention i did "it" (see previous comment) on bernies chest?

Nice Peace of Buddhy said...

Crazy: You are not alone. And I declare my love for you, The BF will be okay with it if he can watch.

BF: What does BF stand for?

Crazy Poo: I dont know what to say. Does he like that sorta thing? He doesnt seem like the type... but a lot of men are good at pretending...