Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Fish Heads

Ian started a tradition a few years ago with my girls. Valentine's day is about love and they are loved so we all celebrate together, more or less.

Ian goes to the store and fills up a gift bag with all kids of goodies for us, magazines, lotions, lip goo, tasty snacks, gum... you get the idea.
The first year we lived together my youngest daughter, Livi was in second grade, I guess about 6 at the time. Ian decides it's a good idea to get them spam and sardines and beans and franks, because of the shiny cans, I guess. Liv has no idea what a sardine is and he tells her it is a delicious tasty snack and to bring it to school and share it with her friends. She puts the tasty treat in the pantry and we go about life.

Field trip day: Livi goes on a field trip to the Scottsdale Museum of Art. Pack a lunch. She packs a lunch with all kinds of food, she is prepared for a natural disaster. Unknown to me, she brought the sardines.

When Ian gets home from work, Olivia proceeds to tell him off about the snack and how it went down at the SMA.


Ian: "No, I gave you a tasty treat"

Livi: "My teacher helped me open the can and said sardines are good for you. Then she gave it to me and I almost throw up and they had eyes and it smelled so disgusting"

Ian: Unable to speak from laughing.

Livi: "You're mean"

Ian: still laughing

Livi: "It's not funny. I smelled like fish all day, I spilled the juice on me"

Ian: Sniffs Livi, "You still stink"

Livi: Stomps off and takes a shower til her fingers wrinkle.

Ian likes to give the girls the business in Big Brother fashion. Never a dull moment.


Anonymous said...

hahahhah!! that is priceless. love it. sdsg

Anonymous said...

claudette's dad turned me on to canned sardines and i would eat them on crackers with mustard. yum!

Wow, that was awkward said...

I used to camp with a buddy that ate nothing but sardines. We ridiculed him mercilessly. And I would never sleep in the same tent with him.

I'm huge in Japan said...

@SDSG: The spam got thrown out immediately! And I cant or wont eat the stinkers!

@Awkward: Would you have slept in the same tent with him if he hadnt? Does your wife know this?

You've Got To Be Kidding Me said...



I'm huge in Japan said...

Nasty and repulsive.

Sushi? yes. Canned fish? yuck!