Monday, July 7, 2008

Booze Gene

I have the booze gene, dayum I did some boozing this weekend. I mostly cried though. My name is Maureen and I am , well I might be an alcoholic. I kinda have known this for a really long time. Is it so that there is a booze gene? I know there is a booze jean, you get those at bloomingdales, but truly? My dad was an alky and my mom always told us to not drink, you might become one too. Thats weird cause she let me smoke. WHat ev, Is there a booze gene?

There is a lot of reference about Ian (he's the BF) in this and he is reading these too. I used to want to blog on myspace ( ) but he would get pissed at me for airing all our probs in front of our friends. Okay, I get it.So in my blogs, I am going to say what is on my mind, filter free. I dont care who reads this, I am not here to offend or pretend. Just pure honesty from a crazy unalcoholic alky that is intense, emo and abnormal. No one can take that away. so dont try.

I will tend to write more when I have been upset about something but try just to amuse myself and get the voices to stop talking. Ian and I seem to fight and we love but I can get very deep and intense and that is hard for him to deal with. When I start to talk he cannot get but a slight word in. I am working on this. and the volume of my emotions.

So I am keeping it real and this might be all you get today. All you get for a few weeks. Nah, I'll write all the time now that I have a safe strange audience. I like wine. I, in fact dont buy wine because I like me an aromatic bottle of red just about anytime. I dont like left over wine either, which explains why the whole bottle is empty on a Saturday or a Tuesday.

Next time I'll stick to a topic, well I'll try to.

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Wow, that was awkward said...

Mo mo - glad you and your real boobs are here. I just drank every day for ten straight days (vacation visiting family). I'm right there with you.