Tuesday, January 29, 2013

i am a sparatan warrior nbut not from MI

if you follow me on the face book you know i just completed my first super spartan. its a nine mile up hill muther fuckobstacles. and then arwith unnesccesary obstacles along the way about 20 of them.
i guess there is a spartan sprint that is half the miles nd  beast that is 13-14 mils eith about 40 uckingfback breaking ocstacles that is a half marathion distance. usually in hills . it is a competition race. type thing but you dont have to run.i didnt rub not even one foot. i walked up hill the whole way. and didi the obstacles . i was coerced into it. by two friends that push ther own limits in these and the assured my i could do it to the finish and the have an rn=my of them and they all support eachiother to the finish. you can accept help during this event. and this army was in the know about my condition and helped me the whole way.and i will tell you his it was grueling hard and cold and raining most of the way. the prob with cold is i have neuropathy on my entire left side and it is cold anyway. to be wet is torture.if im not warm. and there are pools of water involved not swimming but just muddy. the most overwhelimg part was the pure exhaustion. but the emotional part was the people that they were  believing in me and helping me finish. it was important to them to get me through it. so see kindness can change the worldhttps://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10151285078837732.481388.605652731&type=3.


T said...

As I've said over and over, YOU. Are. AMAZING.


Memphis Steve said...

I can't believe you completed that thing! Holy cow, I haven't done one of those yet even and I ... well, used to be in good shape and racing. I haven't trained since the Warrior Dash in September. Still, holy cow! Congratulations you Spartan warrior you!

Vapid Vixen said...

I concur with T. As I was scrolling through the pictures with my eyes welling up, I couldn't help but think, she is so damn amazing.

Anonymous said...

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