Monday, September 6, 2010

Stay Awhile

I was recently reading an article about how staying too long in an unhealthy relationship is damaging to your health. The stress from it involved compromises your immune system allowing the weakest link to have dis-ease.

There are days when it is so hard to hold a loving space for someone that is constantly reminding you how unhappy you make them. Helllooo resentment, won't you stay awhile?.

Here I am staying but the love and passion is fading. I feel the beat down and the tension and the grumpy unhappy energy this brings. It is hard to just flow when I have been told that bowing down just to get past something is what has been going on. No wonder there is so much festering resentment and I feel it whenever that person is near. Everyone does.

I lost my friend, and I don't think it can be fixed.


Memphis Steve said...

It used to be that we would be told to stick it out no matter what. Now we have swung completely the other way, where they tell us to bail at the first sign of trouble. Somewhere in the middle is probably the answer. Every relationship is going to have it's terrible times when you have to think hard about whether it is worthwhile to stick it out or not. And no one knows the answer for sure. But I can certainly sympathize with you.

Anonymous said...

Yea, it really is hard to tell a blip on the radar from a major red light, always having to learn as we go along because each new relationship kind of breaks the patterns, presents a new set of logistics, that makes relying on experience almost useless...