Tuesday, January 15, 2013

imso in love with my girls

i am not bffs with my girls. they have often told me they consider my one of their best friends that they can tell anything to. i am not sure how i got to have such an amazing relationship with them, but i am proud too have it.too as they get older i see  their beauty more and more on the inside. what a gift to have kids but more so to adore and like the people they are becoming. they have been so strong and exceptional during my recovery.it changed them.and the empathy and compassion they feel outside of themselves.my oldest daughter comes home between schools to eat and offers to make me food or drive me anywhere i need to go.my youngest comes home and cleans the house . they are fun and funny in every way. i know the stroke i had scared the shit out of them.in so many ways. as it did me. today is all i have with them and i am planning a life off solid meaningful memories  this year.with trips and girl times.together. i am trying to put Europe on my calendar with them in june.for Haley's graduation. a tirp of a lifetime with them and i am taking them to burning man this year. i want to experience it through the eyes of an inexperienced young person.for this ii cannotwait because mother fuckin' yolo for sure. i have not one thing to gurentee that i will be here another 10 years.live in l. no one can stop me. dammit,see the world .besides az sucks in the summer.2013 is the year of momo.


The Six-Fingered Monkey said...

I want a bumper sticker. Seriously!

2013: Year of the MoMo

Mandy_Fish said...

I like the sound of it too. The Year of MoMo.

Vapid Vixen said...

I love it! Here's to 2013! The Year of MoMo!!!!